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50 years of HERION

HERION Systemtechnik are hydraulic suppliers specializing in products and solutions for mechanical and pneumatic presses as well as safety technology, with their core business in providing custom solutions. After more than 50 years, they are still the gold standard for quality and experience in the market.
From the birth of Erich Herion to achieving "Centre of Excellence" status for press and safety technology in the Norgren production group, here are just a few of the major milestones passed by HERION Systemtechnik as it grew into the modern engineering company with traditional values that it is today.

50 years of HERION
1908 Birth of Erich Herion, the founder of the Herion works.
Der Gründer Erich Herion
Der Firmengründer Erich Herion HERION is established by Erich Herion in Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart.
Manufacture of electromagnetically controlled valves, primarily for the refrigeration industry, radiator thermostats and accessories
1944 Stoppage of work due to total destruction.
1945 New beginning in Grossbettlingen (Nuertingen District).
1948 The first dual valve is fabricated.
1950 HERION develops and manufactures 3/2 directional control valves for presses.
HERION - Neues Gebäude in Stuttgart wird bezogen
HERION - Neues Gebäude in Stuttgart wird bezogen The HERION factory moves to a new building in Stuttgart housing the development and commercial section.
By this time, HERION has become a byword among experts. Some of the many application fields: machine tools and presses, industrial furnaces, welding apparatus and machines, mining equipment, elevator construction, water treatment plants, shipbuilding, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, conveyor and assembly line engineering
1955 The Reim company builds a new factory hall at Untere Talstrasse 65, in Merklingen (Weil der Stadt).
1956 HERION manufactures the first safety valve for presses.
1958 Completion of the new central administration building and production facilities for the Herion works in Fellbach near Stuttgart.
1959 HERION takes over Reim and its employees.
1960 The Merklingen plant starts manufacturing hydraulic devices and complete systems for Fellbach.
With continuing advances in rationalisation and automation, hydraulics and pneumatics continues to grow in importance in many industrial applications.
HERION’s contribution in machines, systems and production processes goes beyond mere functionality, promoting safe, reliable operation. The various plants continue to be flexible and bring their special strengths to bear in developing intricate customer specific solutions along with the production of standard components.
1971 Expansion of the Merklingen manufacturing area. Assembly of pressure and flow control valves is launched
HERION - Tauchroboter
HERION - TauchroboterThe ZF company in Friedrichshafen and HERION establish the joint venture ZF-Herion Systemtechnik. The goal of this joint venture is to develop new products with ZF as drive specialists and Herion as control specialists .
1976 Fabrication, assembly, testing and coating of all HERION directional control valves in Merklingen.
1977 Training workshop is established in Merklingen.
1980 ZF-Herion Systemtechnik GmbH created from the joint venture.
1983 HERION creates FLUIDTRONIK® as a link between two technologies: electronics and fluid technology.
1990 With HERION as the sole shareholder, ZF-Herion Systemtechnik becomes HERION Systemtechnik GmbH.
1995 HERION Systemtechnik takes over the entire plant construction business from HERION.
1997 A perfect match: with 6 manufacturing locations, a turnover of DM 334 million and 1900 employees worldwide, HERION and HERION Systemtechnik were taken over by Norgren, a subsidiary of the British IMI group.
The flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise and the financial backing of an international group make a 'perfect fit’
1999 HERION Systemtechnik takes over all hydraulic operations for the group.
HERION - Systemtechnik
HERION - SystemtechnikHERION Systemtechnik, a provider of hydraulic solutions specialising in mechanical and pneumatic press and press safety technology, becomes the "Centre of Excellence for Press and Press Safety Technology" for the Norgren group of companies.

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