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HERION highlights
HERION - Accident Prevention - We have what makes you safe

Accident Prevention - We have what makes you safe

Is your machinery really safe? Do not wait until it is too late - ask the TÜV certified experts.

Why risk the safety of your employees or - even worse - sell risky products? Our TÜV certified experts do not only help with the evaluation of your products, systems or installations conforming to the new machine directive. We also develop and supply your individual solution.

With our pneumatic and hydraulic safety valves, systems and components we have been providing increased safety for work and leisure time for more than 50 years.

Pneumatical and mechanical press technology, mechanical and plant engineering, automotive or press technology, passenger transport or leisure parks - we deliver solutions that you can rely upon.

This is what we can:

  • Experts for functional safety to DIN EN ISO 13849
  • Define the requested performance level
  • Evaluate the safety principles of pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Classification of hazardous movements
  • Pneumatic safety valves, electrically or pneumatically controlled
  • Hydraulic safety valves
  • BG certificates
  • Highest safety standards to performance level "e", category IV
  • When safety counts you have come to the right place!

    Contact our experts @ 0049 (0)7033/3018421 or 0049 (0)171 7687234 or send an e-mail. Read more


    HERION - Children draw The IMI Way

    Children draw The IMI Way

    Thimo Fröhner (11 years)

    “Children draw the IMI Way” is a HERION Systemtechnik initiative within the scope of our corporate social responsibility program, The IMI Way. During the next weeks and months we will be happy to welcome you to our homepage with different children’s pictures.

    We all wish to leave a world worth living in to our children. In view of global warming, environmental pollution and diminishing resources, an acceptable, sustainable approach to using natural resources and protecting the environment has the highest priority at HERION. We have also made sustainability a key issue in our agenda and our strategies in the social and business concerns.

    Only a company that is responsible in its dealings with individuals and the environment while at the same time maximising business and efficiency is fit to meet the challenges of the future.

    HERION Systemtechnik takes on these challenges through a commitment to The IMI Way, our corporate code to ecological, economic and social sustainability which has been successfully implemented to support the values of IMI plc.

    Both our management and our employees act in accordance with these guidelines, making a very personal contribution day after day to ensure that our world remains one worth living in.

    Learn more about The IMI Way


    HERION - 12 bar Safety Valves

    12 bar Safety Valves

    NEW! 12 bar Safety Valves from HERION Systemtechnik. In Safety Applications that need precision, HERION Systemtechnik valves are trusted to ensure both, increased pressure and safety. One example of such an application are brakes on subsea pipe lay and welding equipment. Safety valves controlling a pneumatic brake prevent the brake from unexpected opening and thus guarantee that the pipes remain safely in welding position. Further details of this application.

    HERION Systemtechnik has developped a 3/2-way double valve for safety applications up to 12 bar

    • For pneumatically controlled safety elements such as brakes
    • Up to 12 bar compared to traditional valves with an operating pressure up to 10 bar max.
    • More compact design of safety elements thanks to increased pressure range
    • 3/2-way double valve, without residual pressure, dynamic self-monitoring
    • Long service life
    • Saves space
    • HERION Systemtechnik's wealth of experience in safety technology combined with the Norgren product range
    • Have we sparked your interest? Talk to us about it!


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    IMI Precision Engineering
    IMI Precision Engineering
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    Let's play it safe
    Let's play it safe
    In safety applications that need precision Herion Safety Valves...
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    Functional Safety
    Functional Safety
    Is your machinery really safe? Ask the TÜV certified Experts...
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