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Corporate philosophy

HERION – Sustainable business operation

We all wish to leave a world worth living in to future generations. In view of global warming, environmental pollution and diminishing resources, an acceptable, sustainable approach to using natural resources and protecting the environment has the highest priority at Herion. We have also made sustainability a key issue in our agenda and our strategies in the social and business concerns.
As a medium-sized enterprise, we benefit from the financial backing of our large parent company, enabling us to plan for the long-term and meet our objectives.

Only a company that is responsible in its dealings with individuals and the environment while at the same time maximising business and efficiency is fit to meet the challenges of the future.
HERION takes on these challenges through a commitment in its corporate guidelines (IMI Way) to ecological, economic and social sustainability.
Profitability is the basis for a successful company in this regard. Only those who are successful in the long term on the market can meet their responsibilities to mankind and the environment.
Thanks to lean production, such as through the implementation of 5S, and investments in machinery, we were able to reduce door-to-door times, improve work efficiency and safety, and increase productivity.
We are flexible and quick to react in the short possible time to design and manufacture innovative products tailored precisely to specific customer requirements, thus helping our customers save money and valuable time.

Our employees are our future

We are what we are today thanks to our motivated and committed employees. At Herion, identification with the company and interpersonal relationships between employees and management are especially strong. This is evidenced by extremely low employee turnover, which averaged 0.61% in recent years. New employees are integrated quickly into the informal SME environment through a self-confident, distinctive and above all lively corporate culture.
In line with company guidelines, management is committed to respecting the privacy, dignity and personal rights of our employees. The principle of equal treatment has been implemented through an uniform system of compensation based on a collective framework agreement for remuneration. Moreover, we are committed to eliminating discrimination on the grounds of country of origin, gender, religion, physical limitation or marital status in matters of employment, promotion, training, termination or retirement, based on our equal opportunity guidelines.

We feel responsible for the safety and protection of individuals whose commitment contributes to the success of the company. For this reason, being an accident free company that provides caring healthcare coverage based on applicable laws, ordinances and directives is an integral part of our corporate philosophy:

  • In order to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves, safety- and health-related operating procedures are constantly fine-tuned and continually improved.
  • Production processes, systems and activities are monitored continuously for possible hazards. Our accident statistics, with zero reportable work-related accidents over the past years, show that we are on the right path for preventing accident risks or damage to health.
  • All employees are informed and trained in matters of workplace health and safety. We provide active support for implementing sensible, economical suggestions aimed at improving health and safety in the workplace.
  • We foster open, constructive collaboration with the public and with third-party employment and health services.

Protecting the environment

In addition to economic success, product quality and work and health safety, we are also committed to continually improving and expanding measures for protecting the environment and conserving natural resources through our environmental guidelines. Our products are designed with an optimal consideration of ecological factors in the use of materials and energy. We develop economical, energy-efficient products and assist our customers in their own efforts to achieve ecological sustainability.
Before being introduced, all materials, procedures and products are carefully and critically screened for their environmental impact both under normal operations and in the event of accident.
Our production processes, systems and activities are reviewed for possible hazards and environmental impacts. In this way, we ensure in advance that no damage or environmental pollution will occur.
We support measures to reduce environmental burdens from waste, effluents, emissions and noise. Integrated closed circuit cooling systems help save resources and lower effluent volumes at the same time. Through modifications to our buildings and the recycling of raw materials and operating supplies, we reduce heat losses and waste volumes.

Both our management and our employees act in accordance with these guidelines, making a very personal contribution day after day to ensure that our world remains one worth living in.


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