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Valve block for hydraulic operating table

To develop and manufacture a hydraulic unit for controlling the individual segments of an operating-table, including movement of the back plate and leg plate, lateral tilt, tilt and horizontal travel. The design of the control system must ensure jolt-free movement of operating tables carrying a patient weight of up to 450 kg. Any movement of the patient during an operation, even by just a few millimetres, can easily have serious consequences. Therefore the unit must not only meet the requirements for use in a sterile environment, but crucially must have completely leak-free seals to guarantee that the operating table maintains its position whatever the load.

Herion solution:

Compact valve block employing solenoid-actuated leak-free piloted check valves and smooth-action directional control valves. Built-in flow control valves control the speed of all positioning cylinder movements. All actuating solenoids are connected via a central connector system.

Customer benefits:
  • Units supplied fully tested and as ready-to-fit assemblies

  • Quick and easy to fit and replace thanks to single central connector

  • Seals meet exacting standards for operating theatre use

  • Ensures extremely smooth and steady movement with jolt-free starting and stopping

  • Low power consumption thanks to small solenoids

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